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Léa Nakache is a digital journalist producing work in a wide range of fields such as journalism and marketing. 

After an International Relationships BA at Université Versailles St-Quentin in France, Léa worked for a year as a communication assistant in the French Highschool of Madrid (Lycée Français de Madrid). She then crossed the Channel all the way to the United Kingdom to complete her Mobile and Multiplatform MA at Birmingham City University.

While pursuing her studies, she worked for 8 months at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, producing a documentary about the Within+Without: Body Image and the Self exhibition. One of her videos is featured in the exhibition itself.

That led her to be featured in BCU’s Mobile and Multiplatform Journalism MA page (under “Course in Depth”).

She then worked as a Creative Graduate Assistant at Birmingham City University – School of Media.

Léa is truly passionate about video-making, graphic design as well as photography work. She is interested in a wide range of subjects from subcultures through sustainability to fashion.

She likes to focus on telling peculiar, personal and meaningful human stories in a creative and aesthetic way. When she is not behind a camera, she enjoys designing, sewing and making her own clothes and costumes, as well as travelling.

She is always looking for new opportunities to produce creative media content, so feel free to contact her via Twitter, or e-mail ( !