In 2018, I made a four-episode documentary about the new form of curation of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG), their StoryLAB exhibition about Body Image. The final piece will be projected in different UK museums to give them new ideas about innovative ways of curation.

Vox pop: how do you curate your body image?
How do you construct your body image? What influenced you? Do you think there is enough representation of a wide range of different people in mainstream media? Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery asked the city about these issues.

Episode 1: Introduction to StoryLab
Within + Without: Body Image and the Self has been co-curated by museum staff in partnership with a group of eleven Brummies from civil society. This allows for new interpretation of the collection, and makes the museum a more inclusive place.


Episode 2: Digging into the Archives
This second episode focuses on the meeting at the Archives, where the volunteers had to pick their first objects, and decide a title for the gallery.


Episode 3: Designing the Gallery
This third episode shows you the Behind The Scenes of the design meetings, when the volunteers had to decide on the layout and the aesthetic of the exhibition.


Episode 4: End result
This last episode draws the conclusions of the overall experience during the launch of the exhibition.

Find the whole playlist on Youtube.

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