Natasha believes it’s because men have to be the strong ones, particularly in the older generation.

She said: “It’s a societal problem… our current generation understands that ‘it’s okay to not be okay’; older men might not be surrounded with this mindset.”

“It’s brave for grown-ups to come and ask a stranger to hug them and shouldn’t be seen as shameful or embarrassing.”

Downsides to the job

One thing’s for certain, life as a ‘cuddle therapist’ is rarely dull. Natasha recalled a time where she accidentally tickled a person and the session ended in laughing fits.

She also recalled a time when she was wearing the exact same cuddling outfit as her visitor, which they both found humorous .

However, this type of career does have its downsides.

“I never switch off. I take my work home because it’s in my home,” said Natasha.

“I’m a natural empath. I genuinely care which does mean that people are always on your mind.”

She recalls a time at Christmas where she chose to respond to a client’s email when she was meant to be watching a movie with her family.

Natasha said she understands how hard the Christmas season can be for some people, so it wasn’t an issue for her.

She added: “It was just ten minutes of my life but that can make a complete difference to someone else’s.”

Despite the negatives, Natasha hopes she’ll still be a pro cuddler for years to come.

She said: “I’m not a wealthy person but I don’t need a lot of money. If I can sustain a living by making people feel better then that’s something she’s proud of.”

She hopes that more people can learn about platonic touch therapy and break the stigma attached to it.

She said: “It’s not as weird as you might think it is. Don’t be afraid to reach out, theres nothing wrong with admitting you need something in your life. In fact, It’s incredibly brave to ask for it. Why struggle on if you don’t need to?”

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